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How the monster gets its name!
Dealing with taboos.

„I see he’s going to die!“ reports Georg, my coach-coachee. „And his partner is acting like the future is bright!“ 

„How am I supposed to deal with that?“ 

„Have any of you ever mentioned the word „dying“?“ I ask him. 

„No, I don’t know how to do that!“ 

„Then let’s talk about how you feel about your mortality!“ 

Dealing well with taboo topics is a vital coaching competence.

Someone has to call a spade a spade!

That is also a common theme in coaching sessions with active coaches. 

The most common taboo topics are illness, death, sexuality, religion and incompetence of the client (How do I tell him that what he is about to do will fail?). 

To work appropriately with these issues, coaches need to have dealt with them beforehand as a person. 

The right place for this are coaching sessions with coaches and, of course, any coaching training. In the training courses I am responsible for, dealing with taboos is a topic!