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Coaching and counselling help.

I experienced this in a crisis during my studies.

This experience was also the beginning of my career as a psychologist and coach. 

I studied biology in the sixth semester in Tübingen. I had failed the admission test for the significant chemistry practicum for the second time. My whole life plan was in ruins. 

Desperate, I contacted the psychological student counselling service and experienced how conversations and psychological expertise helped me climb out of the hole. 

Together with a psychologist, whose name I have unfortunately forgotten, I decided to change my degree programme and go into psychology. From today’s perspective, this was undeniably a good decision. 

From this experience, I gained a great deal of confidence in the beneficial effects of psychological diagnosis and counselling. 

In a crisis, I was able to experience for myself how helpful the attention and thinking of a stranger but professional can be in such situations. 

My head was in complete chaos. Only the presence of a counterpart forced me to sort out this chaos and look for alternatives to my precarious situation with my counsellor. Even today, I am grateful for that.


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