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The dreamers are right!

And again something new begins.

In a few weeks, I will be 82. Unbelievable, a new year in my life.

Looking back, I remember my life as a long series of beginnings. The fact that they were always preceded by an end is no longer clear in my memory. The magic of the beginnings is palpable.

I find it interesting that in our work as coaches and counsellors, we always meet people longing for a way out, a new beginning.

I am convinced that the desire for something new, the conviction that things can develop well, is an essential factor in coaching and counselling.

I don’t know how else I could bear the many stories of suffering I have heard in my life.

Born in 1940, I grew up in the ruins (literally and figuratively) of my parent’s and grandparents‘ world. Nevertheless, I have had a great life.

When I see the pictures of devastation on TV today and hear Mr Selenskyj talking about a promising future for his country and its people, my first thought is: „What a dreamer!“ But, I think he is right!

And there is magic in every beginning. (Hermann Hesse)

What do you think?